5 Mistakes you make when recruiting Tech Professionals - and how to fix it

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Sep 9, 2022 4:26:42 PM

We know that recruiting is challenging nowadays, but tech recruiting can be even more challenging. There are more tech job openings than ever, and companies are struggling to find the perfect candidate to match its needs. Why is this happening? Here’s 5 mistakes that can be the reason for candidates not choosing your company, and how to fix it.

1 - Thinking that everyone can do tech recruitment

Recruiting may look easy, but it's definitely a job that not everyone can do, especially in the tech market. A tech recruiter not only has to have a lot of tech knowledge but also has to be able to be a great salesperson and know exactly what the candidates want to hear. That’s why, most of the time,  the best solution is to hire a recruiting company to do it properly.

2 - Accepting the geographic limitation 

The reason that you are not receiving applications may be because there are not enough tech professionals in your geographic area. Don’t forget that at the same time you are recruiting, dozens of other companies are doing the same. Start looking for tech professionals from other countries and adopt the remote working method. This increases the probability of finding the perfect candidate for your vacancy. If you wanna know how to hire and how you benefit from hiring remote workers, check our article Pros & Cons of Hiring Remote Workers 

3 - Long and Time-consuming Hiring Processes

Let’s just say it: you don’t need 10 interviews to know, test and hire a candidate. The simple and effective way is the best way. It’s important that you know what type of professional you are looking for and select a group of candidates to interview that already match that criteria. If you wanna reduce the hiring processes steps, and if your company is flexible to do it, an interview with the CEO can be quite helpful, and the candidate has the opportunity to know more about the company's culture and if he identifies with the company’s culture.

4 - Taking too long to give feedback to candidates that were interested

Remember, you are not the only one hiring tech candidates. Most tech professionals that are looking for new jobs have already received a lot of proposals from other companies. If you take too long to give feedback to candidates, they might lose interest and choose other opportunities. Don’t play hard to get! If you found the perfect candidate, don’t waste time and proceed the right way.

5 - Only post your vacancy on general job websites

Miracles don’t happen often, so don’t expect one! Job searching websites are full of vacancies and yours will get lost in it. If the market is competitive, you have to find alternative ways to get close to professionals and not do the obvious, so you can have candidates for your vacancy. Active recruitment or outbound approach can be a great method to find the perfect candidate.

99hunters is here to help you!

Recruiting can be challenging and everyone in the tech market is facing difficulties to hire. If the market gets difficult, you have to think outside the box. You are far from alone in this! 99hunters has helped a lot of companies to face this challenge and we have worked successfully with 500+ tech vacancies. We know how to target and recruit talent that can be better, stronger, cheaper and a perfect match for your company.

Wanna know how? Please contact us, we would be happy to explain it to you!

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