7 red flags that can drive employees away

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Jul 21, 2022 12:44:57 PM

Daily attitudes of leaders and sectors can cause a huge distancing between collaborators.

This distance can disengage and even turn them into haters of your brand after a dismissal (or even during the current contract period). 

After taking on a new challenge, the collaborators tend to unconsciously start an evaluation of the positive and negative points of this new organization they are part of: the culture, relationship with other team members, management, career plan, etc.

1 - Management that berates in public

Reprimands in the workplace are already uncomfortable for most people, but it can cause feelings of humiliation and oppression when done in front of other people in the company.

Feedbacks should always be done in private, especially those aimed at improving performance!

2 - Late payment of salary

Salary is always an important issue in organizations. More than that, it is a commitment of the company to its employees who gave their best during the whole month.

Besides eroding the relationship with the company, late payment can cause problems and even financial losses in the private lives of employees.

3 - Micromanagement

Even when done with the best of intentions, micromanaging brings negative results most of the time. 

This is because micromanaging the team's tasks can make some functions exhausting and bureaucratic, as well as giving a sense of lack of freedom to the person being led, who may feel that, in the end, their work lacks its identity because of external changes.

4 - Lack of clear instructions

Whether it is the briefing of a project or some simpler day-to-day request: the lack of clear instructions generates a huge wear on all people involved. Both for those who made it and will probably have to do it again, and for those who asked for it and will have to validate it more than once, losing valuable time.

5 - Overtime too frequently

Overtime is not always well seen by the collaborators, this is because some companies have adopted a system of bank hours. So instead of receiving these hours as a "bonus" in the paycheck, they are accumulated and can be deducted on days off or unforeseen events.

Once in a while when the demand is high or there is a large and important project to be delivered is even understandable, but if done too often, this is an attitude that can displease and wear out the team.

6 - Messages after work

Most employees do not like to receive messages about work after work hours. And with good reason: work problems should end together with the workday. 

Taking work problems or tasks home with you can lead to disorders such as burnout syndrome.

7 - Gossip and rumors among co-workers

Pawn radio (that buzz about the company in the hallways) is different from gossip and collaborators commenting on each other. This attitude can cause small frictions that not only affect productivity, but also erode the coexistence.

minion with three sirens on his head

It is recommended that internal processes are constantly reviewed and that collaborators have an open channel to discuss attitudes or behaviors that affect their daily lives. 

If they notice something that is not pleasant, be sure that they start to rethink their decision, and not even the salary can make that person stay!

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