Headhunters marketplace or talent marketplace: which one to choose?

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May 27, 2022 3:22:04 PM

Both marketplace models are available and able to help your selection process, but what is the difference between them and how do you decide which is best for your company?

Closing a vacancy is not always easy! Sometimes, it is common that the SLA exceeds the defined ceiling and the perfect talent has not yet shown up. For these cases, marketplaces can be great allies in closing your position. But with so many options, how to choose assertively?

First, let's understand what a marketplace is.

What is a Marketplace?

Originally, marketplace is a term that refers to an e-commerce environment, such as a website or platform. In short, it's like a "virtual shop window" where merchant companies display their products and consumers buy.

But when we put this model into the world of recruitment and selection, the marketplace becomes a space where the connection between candidates and companies happens.

What is a Talent Marketplace?

It is an R&S platform that connects talent and companies. Today, they have become a great tool to manage human capital and match the interests of companies and candidates using technology.

Because of the technology (usually artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning) this marketplace is able to generate intelligent matches between the available positions and the candidates, like a real match.

The big differential of this environment is that the profiles of the candidates registered in the tool are available to be accessed and approached by the recruiters responsible for the vacancies. 

It is also a common practice that these talents do tests and evaluations to enter the marketplace, so it is possible to guarantee a qualification of the people who appear during these searches. For this reason, this model generates value for all parties involved: companies find qualified candidates and the talents compete for relevant and interesting vacancies according to their skills.

What are the advantages of the Talent Marketplace?

  • Totally online environment;
  • Time savings in the search for talent;
  • Technology to support you in the selection of candidates;
  • Concentration of highly qualified and evaluated candidates;
  • Optimization in closing vacancies.

What is a Headhunters Marketplace?

A headhunters marketplace, such as 99hunters, aims to connect companies with recruitment needs to a community that unites thousands of freelance recruiters around the world to find ideal professionals for each vacancy.

This increases the reach, efficiency and agility in the delivery of positions, relying on the networking power of several hunters working actively and simultaneously on the same vacancy. At 99Hunters, companies also have a team of executives who double-check the qualifications of all candidates referred by headhunters, providing a more personalized and dedicated service to each client.

A headhunters' marketplace is full of hunters segmented by different specialties, such as business, technology, high-level positions, international positions, among others, which makes the search for professionals even more efficient. Furthermore, in this active recruitment model, the mapping of professionals is even broader, since it also includes people who are not actively looking for a job. 

In the case of 99Hunters, another interesting point is that after the conclusion of the vacancy, companies still receive insights about the stages of the selection process and talents involved in it. Here, you can still count on the support of our team to give personalized feedbacks from the beginning of the recruitment, providing the best possible experience to all candidates and strengthening your employer brand.

What are the advantages of the Headhunters Marketplace?

  • Fully online and intelligent platform that allows real-time monitoring of the selection processes;
  • Hunters segmented by expertise, location and language working actively and simultaneously on your vacancies;
  • Complete, assertive and fast professional mapping - in a matter of days, you receive a shortlist with the best people in the market;
  • Possibility of working on vacancies from different hierarchical levels and even countries;
  • Leaves HR with more free time to focus on other initiatives; your company only invests its time talking to the best people.
  • Great candidate experience and strengthening of the employer brand.

Which one is best for my company?

Both models have advantages and it is important that this be taken into consideration when deciding on the best hiring model for the reality and needs of your organization.

It is also important to understand that: one marketplace does not annul the importance or usability of the other. There is the possibility of hiring both solutions, always considering the assertiveness of the model in the position and project in question.

If you are having difficulty or need help to close a specific vacancy, count on us!

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