My trends for 2023

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Jan 27, 2023 12:23:31 PM

After a long time without writing for this blog, I'm back! A lot happened during this period, I experienced joy, I crossed the finish line of a 4-year race and I experienced sadness, like having to say goodbye for my friends and talented people here at the company. The truth is that 2022 was especially challenging and even if it has already passed, your marks and lessons remain.

How to avoid repeating the old same mistakes all over again? Disappoint less and preserve more? I believe the answer is long, but it has a basis in good memory and a watchful eye. The kind of skill we learn at home, almost always with a grandma. But unlike the welcome, the market sets the stage and success or embarrassment is up to us.

So let's start with the good memory.

Well, we remember what happened, maybe because it's still happening, but there are a lot of people losing their jobs. Entire areas dissolved, abandoned projects, hiring freeze, it's a percentage that only grows. Either it was your chair, or it was the one next to it, or it was your company. What we saw had no rule. From the biggest companies in the world, the most desired, the most beautiful buildings, even the smallest. From the most productive professional, from the most structured area, zero-rule. It's paralyzing. Those who was fired are afraid of tomorrow, those who stayed too. It was like waking up in a hurry, with someone screaming and you being late for the most important event. You leave without eating, wear anything, pat the face twice and faces it. So we cannot forget this experience, sometimes we would even prefer it, but there is no way.

But the days go by and what you don't wanted to remember becomes a teacher, but he is no longer the sharp one, who keeps telling you every day what could have been done differently for you not to be in this situation. He becomes the silent type, who just observes and when you realize, you've already done a lot of surprise tests. Some you got right and when you kept getting it wrong, you made a request to a good memory, please don't fail me.

But let's face it, there no use for a good memory if you don't see the pranks. That's why our second ancient lesson: Watchful eye, kiddo.

What I'm saying is for us to understand the challenges that surround us right now as the absolute truth that they are, and let's seek to resolve them with all the tenacity in the world, as the urgency demands. But that we also take a walk looking forward and not at the ground.

If you're in HR, you might think you shouldn't worry about talent shortages right now when there are so many good people out there (hello layoffs).
But it ends.
Or that you won't look at diversity now, since the job is urgent. But it accumulates.

But you don't work with HR, you are an entrepreneur.

Then suddenly you see an amazing opportunity! And start spend more on it, of course, what can happen?
Well, time.
Not only can but it happens! and the question to ask is always the next one: How long can you hold out?

If a good memory and a watchful eye are obvious to those who got fired, it has to be obvious to me too and those are my trends for 2023.

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