10 recruiting email templates

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Mar 12, 2022 5:47:17 PM
Our 10 recruiting email templates will help you communicate clearly at every step of your hiring process – from applying and scheduling the interview to giving a negative feedback – which will increase the candidates engagement.

In this material, you will find the following templates:

  • Application confirmation
  • Interview scheduling
  • Interview confirmation
  • Telephone interview confirmation
  • Hiring process next step
  • Advancing to assessment
  • Interview no-show
  • Interview rescheduling
  • Interview cancellation
  • Negative feedback

With this competitive market, maintaining direct communication and providing constant feedback is a great way to ensure interest, to show appreciation for people’s willingness to participate in the process, and also to strengthen your employer branding strategy.

According to LinkedIn Survey:

  • 71% of applicants do their own research about the company before applying for a position.
  • 52% of these people are also more likely to continue a relationship with the company if they receive constant feedback.

Investing in your employer branding and candidate experience since the hiring process is a great strategy to attract more people to your processes.

Download our 10 recruitment email templates right now:

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 How to use the templates?
Replace all the template variables with the real information about the company, job and applicants. You can also change the tone to fit your company’s culture, as well as add or remove an item, if needed.

What should I include in the email?

Write in a way that reflects the company’s culture and demonstrates some of its values. Make sure that all the information necessary for applicants to prepare for each step of the process is included in the email. Some essential information:


The title should be as objective as possible. Make clear what is the reason for the contact to get the person’s attention. This way you prevent the email from being deleted or forgotten in the email inbox and you can ensure a faster response. If you want to schedule an interview with the person, for example, a good title would be: Interview with [Company] – [Job title].

Interview format

It is important that candidates know exactly what the format will be and what they will find at the time of the interview.

  • If it is a video conference, provide the link to the room where the interview will be held, and pass all the necessary instructions, such as: platform to use, login or password for the room, if necessary.
  • If in person, be sure to provide your full address and additional information, such as materials or documents needed for the interview.

In all cases it is important to indicate who will be conducting the interview, and, if possible, send the candidates a link to their LinkedIn profile.


Interview planning

Always give a very realistic estimate of the interview’s duration. It is an important point for candidates planning, especially those who are already employed and will have to set aside some time on their workday for the interview.

Alternative times and dates

Offering alternative dates and times, as well as scheduling interviews a few days in advance, are ways to avoid cancellations, postponements and reschedulings.

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